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Happy Hormones Pack

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Experience your optimal self with our Happy Hormones Pack. Unite three of the most potent, all-natural plant-based proprietary blends to promote the delicate equilibrium among metabolic hormones – stress hormones, and sex hormones.

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Combination of three of the most potent, all-natural plant-based proprietary blends –  Mood Plus,  GBX Fit, and  Ignite (for Men or Women) to support the unique balance between metabolic hormones, stress hormones, and sex hormones. 


  • Supports healthy hormone balance*
  • Maintains healthy sexual desire*
  • Supports a healthy, positive mood*
  • Supports naturally enhanced mood benefits*
  • Weight loss support*
  • Reduces bloating and inflammation*
  • Ignite: All-natural sexual wellness supplement for a healthy balance of hormones to support arousal, desire, and vitality*
  • GBX Fit: The world’s first QUADbiotic gut-brain axis product for weight loss*
  • Mood+: Potent adaptogens for a happier mood*
  • Hormones are important messengers within the body. These all-natural proprietary blends support three of the body’s significant hormone communicators within the sex, stress, and metabolic hormone systems.*

Get your spark back. And keep it.

We’ve combined 3 of our most popular products to support stress hormones, sex hormones, and metabolic hormones at the same time—the trifecta of comprehensive all-natural hormone balance.

Happy Mood. Happy Desire. Happy Weight.

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happy hormones igniteHappy Hormones Pack
Original price was: $163.95.Current price is: $146.95.Select options
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