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    Energy Plus


    Energy Plus leads the way, offering rapid improvements in mental and physical performance without the jittery or crashing effects often found in many high-stimulant or high-sugar energy drinks on the market today. Available in three delicious flavors – Pomegranite Lime, Dragon Fruit (Sugar Free), and NEW Snickerdoodle.  

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    Fundamentals Pack


    Experience the ultimate convenience with our bestselling Fundamentals Pack! Introducing the Trio of the Gut-Brain Axis Nutrition System. Including MentaFocus, MentaBiotics, and MentaSync, this pack offers comprehensive nutrition for all three vital organs: the gut, the brain, and the heart. Tailored to address and bolster the primary physiological factors influencing mental well-being, the FundaMentals Pack is your complete solution.

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    Happy Juice Pack


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    MentaBiotics stands as a pioneering product, blending recently identified strains of probiotics (beneficial bacteria), prebiotics (promoters of good bacteria growth), and phytobiotics (guardians of beneficial bacteria) in a top-tier, all-natural dietary supplement. Scientifically validated, it is proven to enhance mental well-being.

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