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    Family Sleep Pack

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    Experience peaceful nights for the entire family! Kids Calm and Sleep+ offer melatonin-free solutions for superior sleep quality without synthetic hormones. Embrace healthy sleep routines with natural formulas that won’t leave you groggy in the morning.
    This bundle contains:

    • 2 Kids Calm
    • 2 Sleep Plus

  • Kids Calm Gummies

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    Stop fighting sleep! Kids Calm promotes mind and body relaxation when it’s time to wind down.* Cultivate calm with a blend of B and D vitamins, plus key ingredients that support the body’s own production of melatonin for a better night’s sleep.* There are 80 gummies in the pack

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  • Kids Mood Plus

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    Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that the essential components found in Kids Mood Plus offer notable advantages for enhancing mood, such as increasing stress resilience, cognitive abilities, tranquility, concentration, and positivity. All packed into a tasty, easily digestible powder – ideal for children and teenagers.*

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    Kids Pack— optimize both the mind and body

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    Introducing the Kids Pack

    Kids FundaMentals, the offspring of our award-winning  FundaMentals Pack, connects the gut and brain to enhance the communication between both brains in kids and teens. Kids VitaGBX balances both the mind and body, plus provides the key nutrients kids and teens need as they grow. And finally, Kids Mood Plus supports youth stress resilience and a better mood. These three products work synergistically to provide a comprehensive nutrition system that’s perfect for growing kids and teens.*

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