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  • Daily Health Pack10% off Order Now Quick View

    Daily Health Pack


    The Daily Health Pack features the Triangle of Health Pack : Sunrise , Sunset, Nitro  and HL5. Together, the products work synergistically to provide you unmatched nutrition for optimal health.  

  • energy plus10% off Choose your flavour Quick View

    Energy Plus


    Energy Plus leads the way, offering rapid improvements in mental and physical performance without the jittery or crashing effects often found in many high-stimulant or high-sugar energy drinks on the market today. Available in three delicious flavors – Pomegranite Lime, Dragon Fruit (Sugar Free), and NEW Snickerdoodle.  

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  • family sleep pack10% off Add to Cart Quick View

    Family Sleep Pack

  • fundamentals pack10% off Add to Cart Quick View

    Fundamentals Pack


    Experience the ultimate convenience with our bestselling Fundamentals Pack! Introducing the Trio of the Gut-Brain Axis Nutrition System. Including MentaFocus, MentaBiotics, and MentaSync, this pack offers comprehensive nutrition for all three vital organs: the gut, the brain, and the heart. Tailored to address and bolster the primary physiological factors influencing mental well-being, the FundaMentals Pack is your complete solution.

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  • 10% off Add to Cart Quick View

    GBX Burn


    Introducing the latest member of the GBX family: GBX Burn. This innovative formula combines a proprietary blend of natural herbs and spices, including Grains of Paradise, Glomerata Fruit, and Carrot Pomace, along with BCAA amino acids. Clinically studied for their ability to boost calorie burn and aid in weight management, GBX Burn offers a synergistic approach to enhancing your fitness journey.

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  • gbx fit10% off Select options Quick View

    GBX Fit


    GBX Fit capsule is the world’s first QUADbiotic formula that comes in a convenient purple pill. It targets the gut microbiome for healthy weight loss.

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  • gbx fit and burn weigh loss10% off Add to Cart Quick View

    GBX Fit and Burn Pack


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  • Happy Fit Pack


    Transition to a healthier, more resilient version of yourself with the Happy Fit Pack™. Designed to complement daily exercise and a balanced lifestyle, this pack is meticulously assembled to promote weight management and foster a healthy gut microbiome through various avenues. Alongside your preferred option of Digestive or Restore®, this pack comprises our renowned “Happy Juice Pack” and the remarkable stimulant-free duo of GBX Fit™ and GBX Burn™, aiding in weight loss endeavors and its sustained maintenance.*

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  • happy hormones ignite10% off Select options Quick View

    Happy Hormones Pack

  • Happy Juice on-the-go10% off Select options Quick View

    Happy Juice On-The-Go Pack

  • happy juice pack canada10% off Select options Quick View

    Happy Juice Pack


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